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NOTE:  Our program has not yet been approved for the 2017-2018 School Year.  There is the possibility that some information in this sheet may have to be changed.  If that happens, I will immediately inform you. If the changes should in any manner reduce the amount of time in a program, there will be a proportional refund to all those who registered under the present fee. 


Weibel Chess classes are held once a week to study chess tactics and strategy and to spend time playing chess under tournament conditions. Children who join Weibel Chess know they are a part of the largest and best known school program in the State of California. This is not simply because we have won a number of major National Chess Championship since 2010, but because we have successfully taught large numbers of chess students who are known for their skill and love of the art and game of chess for 30 years.  Parents also know their children will be part of a chess educational system designed to improve their children’s academic performance while they have fun. Our chess program is an after-school enrichment program, not merely recreational.

Weibel Elementary School Chess is not affiliated with any other program or school.  We are an after school program under the Parent Teacher Organization and funded by the parents. Our wonderful parent helpers and some of our teachers' aides and instructors are volunteers. We only admit Weibel Elementry School students with very few exceptions.

Weibel Chess provides financial aid to any family that is in need. We will not turn away any child who desires to learn and play chess.  Weibel Chess will fund any player in need of financial support that wants to attend chess tournaments. If you have any questions on our financial aid program, please contact our director, Dr. Alan Kirshner, at Alan@WeibelChess.org

This page provides, I hope, all the information you will need to join or re-join for our nationally renowned program.  Please read the information here very carefully. Please, pretty please, do not sign that you read this when you didn't. I know we often sign forms indicating we read them when we did not. On a similar note, it is extremely important to read the material if you are thinking about registering your child on the Team. A number of families were removed from the Team last year who did not adhere to the conditions for Team membership.

We start the Weibel Chess Club on Tuesday, September 26 (2:55 to 4:20 PM-note the change in ending time) and we go until May 22(for year memberships) and we start the Weibel Chess Team on Friday, September 22 (NOVICE & JV from 2:55 to 4:45 PM Varsity-Elite from 2:55 to 5:30 PM) and we go until May 25 for year memberships).   The first semester for the Weibel Club will end January 23, 2018 and for the Weibel Team on January 26, 2018.  The second semester for the Club starts on January 30, 2018 and for the Team on February 2, 2018. In all cases, but one, where the school is in session for a full day we will have chess. Said another way, when the school is closed there is no chess. The one exception will be Open School Day(likely May 1) in the Spring. We no longer hold chess when Weibel has a half-day schedule.  We will let you know if we learn that we cannot use the MUR in the afternoon for any other reason.

Students from Junior High School and High School will be permitted to attend Team meetings (not the Club) as long as they meet the conditions listed online. Any children from other schools wanting to participate only in the after instruction tournaments can attend on Friday during the Team playing time as long as they are experiencedU.S. Chess Federation

All children should come to the Multi-Use Room on the first day of chess. We will always start in the Multi-Use Room before heading to the various classrooms. Unless you hear otherwise, please be sure your child is there on the proper date and time for the first meeting. This may be your only notice. If for some reason s/he cannot be there on the first day, please send an e-mail to Info@WeibelChess.org  so that your child is not dropped from the Team/Club. All children in the Club, except the Raw Beginners and Beginners, can be picked up from the Multi-Use Room at the end of chess.  Raw Beginners and Beginners should be picked up at their instruction classroom. If a child in the Raw Beginners or Beginners class is not picked up from the assigned classroom within ten minutes after the class ends (ends at 4:20), they will be brought to the Multi-Use Room. Any parent who is consistently tardy (more than 3 times) will be charged an extra $30 each half hour to cover the instructor's overtime.

To register for Weibel Chess, please go to our secure site, https://CalNorthYouth.powweb.com/WeibelChess/Registration2017-2018.html  You might wish to complete the online registration form as early as possible. Those who were with Weibel Chess last year will have first priority only until September 8.  After that date all registrations will be accepted based upon the date the application was received.  For many years our large enrollment caused us to create a waiting list. I have been able, in recent years, to find qualified teachers and the school has allotted us a bit more space. We anticipate that we will have room for all those interested in joining this year. Well, at least until the end of  September.  Except for last year we had to start a Waiting List after chess began and, sadly, few on the Waiting List got in until the next year. There will be a late fee of $50 for anyone registering the day before, during and after the first class starts for the semester. An exception is made for anyone placed on a waitlist or whose children entered the Weibel school after chess began. 

Chess tuition covers the cost of our exceptional instructional and clerical staff, the chess instruction equipment, chess sets and pieces, chess clocks, paperwork, donations to the Weibel School classrooms, Team Rooms at major tournaments, coaches to help the players at these events, insurance and the trophies, certificates and door prizes our students receive at the end of the year. Parents in the past have contributed a few dollars extra for the food and gifts for the end of the year awards ceremony and to honor all the volunteers and the Weibel classroom teacher who allow us to use their rooms. Due to the problem the parent organizers have confronted in collecting the cost for the end of the year food and thank you's they requested I add a surcharge to the tuition to be used only for the Awards Banquet.  Since there was a small surplus last year the surcharge will be reduced $1 to $6 this year. I will add that sum to each membership tuition. I will turn that amount over to the parents Award Ceremonies committee.

During the registration process you will be given a mailing address if you wish to pay by check.  Online credit card payment is available.

Although registration can be done one semester at a time, please consider joining for the whole school year.   The tuition for the year's Club program is $480. If you only pay $240 for one semester for the Club we will send you the second semester’s tuition bill ($240) in mid-January. The tuition for the year's Team program is $600. If you only pay $300 for one semester for the Team we will send you the second semester’s tuition bill ($300) in mid-January.  We encourage and expect children who enroll for the first semester to also enroll the following semester. Those who pay tuition for the full year in advance will receive a Weibel Chess logo T-shirt gratis.  For those joining for a semester, they can purchase a T-shirt on the application form. Once again I will have a second Team class on Tuesday for our younger players. This class is only open to Weibel students already on the Friday Team. The initial cost for this class will be $250 for the year. There will be no refunds after the second meeting, however, credit may be given for future tuition. 

Players from another school are welcome to join the Weibel Chess Team if they can get to Weibel no later than 3 PM on Fridays and their school does not have a chess program or the program does not provide for advanced chess players.  We do not have Raw Beginner or Beginner's classes on Fridays.  There will be an extra $100 added to Team tuition for students from otrher schools except from Honer or Irvington H.S. that will go into the Weibel Chess Financial Aid program.

If a student from another school who has been granted permission to train with the Weibel Team cannot get here by 2:55 PM, s/he can take the Play Only Option.  This option will allow the children from other schools to get to Weibel by 3:55 and join the Friday Team tournament.  Any player taking this option must pay for the year in advance. The cost for this option is $400--no extra fee for non-Weibel students. There will be no refunds after the second meeting. If I decide to provide any credit for the second semester due to an unforeseen occurrence, I will deduct $100 from that credit to place in the Weibel financial aid program. Students in the play only section must be competitive players with a United States Chess Federation rating. Only those with a rating above 800 may join the Varsity Team and remain until 5:30 PM. When the games are concluded they may receive analysis and chess training from our expert instructors.

If you have volunteered to help the Weibel Chess Club or Team set up or take down equipment or worked all the Weibel Chess Tournaments last year and are doing so again this year, please select the gratis box on the Weibel Registration form.  If I have any new helpers this year the tuition for one child will be refunded after the first semester of help for set-up or clean-up. This will be done only if the new helpers adhere to their full commitment. Volunteers whose children attend another school must still pay the $100 surcharge for the Weibel Financial Aid Fund. Please, I beg you, do not sign up to help and then stop after a couple of weeks. If you do volunteer to help please do so with the full intention of staying with the program as that means a lot to our instructors.

Anyone registering late can deduct the tuition for any days missed, but will still be charged a $50 late registration fee. Late registration starts the day before the first class for the semester is scheduled to meet. There will be no late registration fee for anyone who was placed on a Waiting List and then admitted to class or who has entered the school after chess has begun.

No semester refunds will be provided after the second meeting of chess.  If you registered for the complete year and want to withdraw before the second semester, a full refund for the second semester will be provided minus any credit card charges and the cost of the T-shirt you received gratis for joining for the full year. There is no semester option for the Play Only Option. If we decide within the first few lessons that your child is not yet ready to learn chess, your full tuition will be refunded. There will not be a refund or credit given for any children removed from the program due to discipline issues or because they failed to meet the Team commitments.

Financial Aid (full or partial tuition) based on need is always available.  I will not turn any child away from chess due to the cost of our program. To apply for Financial Aid, please send a letter to Dr. Kirshner (66 Indian Hill Place, Fremont, CA 94539) detailing the reasons you believe you need financial aid for your child. Any information received is kept in complete confidence. If the child is on the state or federal lunch programs, full financial aid is automatically awarded when requested. 

Children of all Weibel grades and chess experience levels are welcome. Please read the conditions very carefully before deciding to register your child in one of the three options. Weibel Chess is limited to Weibel students, former Weibel chess students or home-schooled children.  Dr. Kirshner may make exceptions on the Team for children who attend other schools that do not have a chess program or the level of  their program fails to meet quality chess standards, but only if room is available. It is highly unlikely any exception will be made for students that do not attend Weibel to be accepted for the Club as there generally is not enough room for Weibel students. Students who are admitted to the Team must meet all the Team requirements and if they do not do so they will be removed without a refund and not permitted to return to Weibel Chess.

Children will respect the Weibel School rules, each other, and the instructors. Team parents and players must follow the conditions and rules set for joining. Failure to do so will result in a suspension or immediate expulsion. Obviously, we will discuss behavioral problems with the children and their parents before suspension. If a student's action as determined by a coach, chess teacher, Weibel school employee or Dr. Kirshner places another student, an instructor or themselves in serious physical danger, immediate suspenson or expulsion from the program can occur without any pre-notification. 

Please discuss with your child whether the Chess Club or the Chess Team is more appropriate.  If you want some guidance on your child’s placement, give Dr. Kirshner a call at (510) 659-0358 or write him at WeibelChess@Comcast.net. Some players may be denied admittance to the Team or placed on probation on the Team due to past behavior issue, previously not following Team rules, not having shown interest in chess in past years or has a rating below 500 and was on the Team before and is entering fourth, fifth, sixth grade or above. Any person removed from the Team for failure to adhere to the requirements is not eligible for the Weibel Chess Team or Weibel Chess Club.                                                                     


1. Club members must attend Weibel or be home-schooled and may range from absolute beginners to experienced players. We will welcome Weibel kindergarten through sixth grade students into the Weibel Chess Club.
2. Little or no knowledge of chess is required of Club members. We will teach chess to raw beginners in the first eight weeks and then all students will obtain instruction in chess tactics and strategy. After students know how to play they may join other Club members for half the session in tournament style play.
3. There is no homework requirement for Club members although extra credit assignments will be available on the web through Success Chess School and Chess Magnet School.
4. Since Club members are not required to enter competitions they do not need a Weibel Chess T-shirt as the Team members do, but they are welcome to order  and wear one. They will get one free if they join for the full year before the second week of October. I have placed a location to order the T-shirt on the form for those not getting one gratis, or who want a second T-shirt for a sibling or family member. I also have a few Weibel Chess Mom T-shirts available in sizes adult small and adult large.  Again, those children paying a full year’s tuition in advance will receive a T-shirt gratis. Since all Weibel Team players are asked to wear their Weibel Chess shirts to all tournaments any player who registers for one semester and has not gotten a Weibel Chess shirt before will automatically be charged for a T-shirt. I do not keep T-shirts in stock. I make one order at the beginning of the chess year for the specific shirts ordered and a few back-up shirts. I am considering altering the design this year. The back will read "National Elementary School Champions 2012," "National Primary School Champions 2010," “Girls National Champions 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017", and CalChess State Tournament Winners in Various Divisions, 1990-2017


The Weibel Chess Team focuses on the love of the art and the competition in the sport of chess. In recent years we have expanded our seriousness of purpose in competition while emphasizing the kind of creative thinking that will improve our players academic outcomes. As in the past, I will not select Team members as this is contrary to my belief that all children interested in seriously studying chess and in chess competition should be allowed to enjoy the taste of success and even failure. Candidly, in the past we have had a few children come to the Team only because their parents felt it was a better place to learn chess--and it is.  However, some of these children interfered with the progress of more dedicated players because they had little interest on being on the Team. On the other hand, we had children come to the Team wanting to grow in chess and their parents simply could not find the time to adhere to the commitment they made in joining the Team.  I do not intend to keep contacting people to follow their commitment. Whether we contact you or not you are expected to meet your commitment by the date listed or suffer the unthinkable--telling your child they have been removed from the Weibel Chess Team because you failed to adhere to your commitment.

NOTE: All Team players should wear a Weibel Chess T-shirt to any tournaments they attend. Team pride is important. If you are new to Weibel and you join the Team for only one semester you must add a Weibel T-shirt to your tuition fee. If you do not you will be charged automatically.

Our young children have many activities in their future to keep them busy along with increased school work, but this is the age that they can develop an amazing talent for analysis and critical thinking through chess. This use of their memory and creative thinking will set the seeds for their future endeavors in school and in life.  Numerous controlled studies have proven this.

We have four chess teams. Three based upon the usual designations used by High School and College sports teams. Our fourth team is a special Kindergarten team who will have, in most cases, one on one instruction.

KINDERGARTEN TEAM CLASS: To join this Kindergarten class a child must know the basics of chess--the names of the pieces and how to move them. TIME SCHEDULE-Friday, 2:55 until 4:45 PM.

NOVICE TEAM: We will have a Novice Team that will include all new members to the Team that do not have U.S. Chess Federation ratings above 500. Also on the Novice Team will be anyone who has been in Weibel Chess for one or more years with a rating less than 500 and is third grade or less.  As noted earlier, no one in fourth grade or above with a rating under 500 who has been on the Team before will be allowed back until they reach a 500 plus U.S. Chess Federation rating. Obviously, if players on the Novice Team reach a 500 permanent rating they will move up a level. I will spell out the Novice Team obligations below. TIME SCHEDULE-Friday, 2:55 until 4:45 PM. If you believe your child should not be on the Novice Team even though they have a rating below 500 you do have Summer tournaments to pull his/her rating over 500. 

JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM: The Junior Varsity Team will consist of experienced players with a minimal U.S. Chess Federation rating of 500 who do not meet the requirements for our Varsity Team.  I will spell out the Junior Varsity Team obligations below. TIME SCHEDULE-Friday, 2:55 until 4:45zz PM.

VARSITY-ELITE TEAM: The Varsity Team will consist of experienced players with a minimal rating as noted below. To be on the K-3 Varsity Team you must have a minimum 800 rating. To be on 4-5 Varsity Team you must have a minimum 1000 rating. To be on the K-6 Varsity Team you must have a minimum 1050 rating. TIME SCHEDULE-Friday, 2:55 until 5:30 PM.

Summary of the rating to START on the Weibel Varsity-Elite Team:

K-1 = 800  GOAL=1000

2-3 = 800  GOAL=1200

4-5 = 1000  GOAL=1300

   6 = 1050 GOAL=1400

Anyone reaching the GOAL/ideal rating for their grade level will obtain a Weibel Chess Team Varsity-Elite Jacket. We also have an Weibel Ultimate Chess Player Award. To achieve this status a player must maintaining the ultimate rating or higher for three consecutive tournaments. Anyone achieving the Weibel Ultimate Chess Player will receive a special acknowledgement crystal four glass post award and a scholarship check for the amount of the team tuition for the year. For all future years the Ultimate player attends the Weibel Team there will be no tuition fee. The Weibel Ultimate Chess Player Award qualifications derived from halfway through the Top 100 lists are:



4-5 ULTIMATE PLAYER = 1700 +

   6 ULTIMATE PLAYER = 1800 +

I will decide after the CalChess Grade Level Tournament whether to take any Teams to the Elementary School Nationals over the weekend of May 11-13 in Nashville.  If I do decide to take full teams I will hope you will be willing to take your child.  Players can attend the Nationals on their own and even if I decide not to go, I am sure a few players will attend.

READ THE MANDATORY OBLIGATIONS BELOW VERY CAREFULLY. Parents/players not living up to their commitment without permission will be expelled from Weibel Chess and not permitted to return.

1. Parents must agree to have their children compete in a minimum of six United States Chess Federation (USCF) Tournaments before April 2 based upon the following schedule: one tournament completed by October 16. Two tournaments completed by November 20 Three tournaments completed by December 25. Four tournaments completed by January 23. Five tournaments completed by February 27 and six tournaments by April 2. Kindergarten students will follow a different schedule: one tournament completed by January 23. Two tournaments completed by February 27 and three completed by April 2. Added to these specific dates are other conditions of tournament completion identified below. Summer chess tournaments, starting after June 1, 2017 can be used to meet this requirement.

If your child does not complete the tournaments based upon this minimal schedule for the first five they will be suspended. If the failure to attend is repeated they will be moved to the Club with no adjustment made to their tuition. If  your child does not attend the minimum 6 required events by April 2, 2018 s/he will be removed from Weibel Chess and not be invited back to chess in the future. While we may give advanced warnings they are not needed to determine whether you are fulfilling your agreement, I strongly suggest you place the dates to complete the required tournaments and any other deadline as soon as possible.

I will, generally, distribute information on tournaments or you can look online at: http://www.CalNorthYouthChess.org/Tournaments.html or go to: http://weibelchess.blogspot.com/  The Weibel blog repeats the scholastic events posted at the CalNorth Youth Chess site, but includes open tournaments for our more advanced players. New members to the Team that are not yet USCF members must join by going to https://secure.uschess.org/webstore/member.php?wkmemtp=R1

2. If your child is in the top four players by rating in his/her grade a month before the CalChess Grade will take place they are required to attend that tournament tentatively scheduled for December 2 & 3, 2017. This requirement applies even if your child is not on the Varsity Team. This tournament will count within the six required competitions. 

3. All team players (Kindergarten, Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity) are required to attend the CalChess Scholastic States on April 7and 8. I will l believe that is the booked date.  If the date changes I will let you know ASAP. This weekend is the end of Spring Break.  If you will be gone and notify no later than April 1, I have no choice but to excuse you from this event. This is a two day events for Varsity players. Kindergarten, Novice and Junior Varsity usually play one day. This tournament does not count within the six required competitions.  Do not register your child on the Chess Team if you believe another activity might interfere with keeping this commitment. Remember you are placing your child on a competitive team and a Championship takes precedence over a local baseball, soccer game or a piano concert etc--exception noted above.  Parents/players not living up to their commitment without permission will be expelled from Weibel Chess and not permitted to return.

4. All Weibel Team girls must play in the CalChess State Scholastic Girl's Age Level Championships in Berkeley on March 3.  This tournament will count for one of the six required competitions. I also hope that as many girls that went to the girls Nationals in Chicago last year will desire to attend again this year.

5.  Weibel Team members must do homework each week. The amount and kind of homework will vary according to the Team they are on.

NOTE:  Although not required, I hope evereyone on the Team will celebrate my 80th Birthday with me at CalNorth Youth Chess Age Level Championships at the Newark Pavillion on February 4, 2018.


New members on the Novice Team must do 30 chess problems in ChessMagnetSchool.com each week.  Members of the Novice Team who were on the team last year must do 20 puzzles per week.   Weibel Chess will provide subscriptions to this chess site.  We can check the work online.  Anyone found to not be doing their homework will be warned.  If the warning falls on deaf ears, the player will be suspended.  If the suspension fails to dispel the problem, the player may be expelled from Weibel Chess.  Three players were removed last year.  No tuition refunds will be forthcoming. If doing the 30 or 20 problems is taking more than two hours each week, please contact me. NOTE: Kindergarten students will not have to begin this homework requirement until the second semester starts at the end of January. If they do any homework on ChessMagnet School.com or Chesshomework.com before the requirement sets in, they will receive extra credit.

Novice Team members will be dismissed at 4:45 PM. Any players who are not picked up upon dismissal numerous times will be removed from the Team.


Members of the Junior Varsity Team who werew not on the Team last year must do 30 chess problems in ChessMagnetSchool.com each week. If they were on last year's Team they must do 20 problems since they are getting more difficult. Weibel Chess will provide subscriptions to Chess Magnet School.  We can check the work online. If these problems take more than four hours each week please contact me. In the first semester JV players must write down/notate the moves they play in their Friday games. During the second semester they will comment on/annotate their moves and turn them in the following Friday. Anyone found to not be doing their homework will be warned.  If the warning falls on deaf ears, the player will be suspended.  If the suspension fails to dispel the problem, the player will be expelled from Weibel Chess.  No tuition refunds will be forthcoming.

Junior Varsity Team members will be dismissed at 4:45 PM.


Members of the Varsity-Elite Team (second grade and above)  must notate/record the games they play at Friday Chess and transfer and notate/record them in a chess program. They must annotate/comment on the moves in the game. This will mean that they must take the tournament game they played on Friday (or an equivalent one with my permission) and enter it into a computer program and add commentary to all the moves.  I will explain this to the students at our first meeting. I suggest the Apple app, iAnnotate produced by a former Weibel student or http://chesstempo.com/game-database.html for notation and annotating the games.  Both are freeware.  If for some reason your computer is down or the printer broken your child will have to do it all by hand. 

When a V-E Team member completes his/her game s/he will spend time with one of our instructors going over the game. The V-E player must place the instructor's analysis on the back of the score sheet or on another piece of paper.  The instructor who analyzed the game must sign this sheet or before the player may leave. The analyzed game must be turned in the next Friday.  If a player leaves the Multi-Use Room before all of these requirements have been completed s/he will face suspension from chess. If a player continues to leave before completing the required activities s/he will be removed from chess. After three suspensions, the player may also be expelled permanently from Weibel Chess without a refund.  The player can, if he/she prefers, turn the homework in via e-mail. Students who repeatedly fail to do the homework or fail to remember to turn it in will be suspended for one week and will not be allowed to return to chess until they make-up all the missed homework in a satisfactory manner. After three suspensions I will expell the player from Weibel Chess without a refund.

Members of the Varsity-Elite Team must do 20 chess problems in ChessMagnetSchool.com each week.  With my permission, chess videos can be substituted for the problems. Weibel Chess will provide subscriptions to this chess site.  Anyone found to not be doing their homework will be warned.  If the warning falls on deaf ears, the player will be suspended.  If the suspension fails to eliminate the problem, the player will be expelled from Weibel Chess.  No tuition refunds will be forthcoming for expelled players. Members of the Varsity Team can only attend Quads in three of their minimal six tournaments. The other three must be swiss style tournaments.

Varsity-Elite Team members will remain until 5:30 PM. 


1. A student from another school wanting to participate in the Tournament Play Option must have a provisional or permanent U.S. Chess Federation rating.  To participate with the Varsity players they must have a rating above 800. I will only accept Play Option students after interviewing both the student and his/her parents. A student selecting this option must be willing to record (notate) the games played and analyze them with his/her opponent. S/he must also have the game sheets initialed before s/he leave. A Play Option student does not have to return homework, but must keep all signed sheets in a folder that can be produced if I ask the player to do so.

2. A student selecting this option must be able to be at Weibel by 3:50 and willing to remain until 5:30 PM. If the student arrives before 3:55 s/he must sit quietly in the MUR away from any instruction until tournament play begins.

Any questions, concerns or communications regarding the Weibel Chess program should be directed to Alan M. Kirshner, Ph.D. He can be reached at (510) 659-0358 or via e-mail: WeibelChess@CalNorthYouthChess.org


1. This option is only available for Weibel Team players:

    a.  who joined one of the Friday Teams

    b.  have a U.S. Chess Federation rating above 400 and below 1200. 

2. Team members who do not meet the requirements for the Extra Team Option can instead join one of our Tuesday Club options for the same discounted cost as the Extra Team Option.

TO JOIN WEIBEL CHESS FOR 2017-2018  GO TO: https://CalNorthYouth.powweb.com/WeibelChess/Registration2017-2018.html